• 01.28.19 - Noises & Nonsense - album review: "Farran’s gritty, soft-punk baritone voice complements his multi-instrumental riffs beautifully throughout the album" - click for full review.
    • 1.15.19 - Living Life Fearless - album review: "a musical travel companion...with mood swings and vibes as eclectic as the places you visit" -- click for full review.
    • 12.14.18 - This Is Not The Radio - interview: "There’s a sense of introspection and wonder, mystery and epiphanies" -- click for full interview
    • 12.10.18 - B-Sides & Badlands - interview: "It’s 12 songs of connective tissue that loosely works as a snapshot of the world in this moment"-- click for full interview.
    • 12.07.18 - The Vinyl District - album review: "It is imbued with a deep love of companionship and music that spans the four corners of the earth" -- click for full review.
    • 11.16.18 - Groundsounds - album premiere: "a transportive quality as Farran conjures moody, evocative soundscapes while his baritone vocals narrate the journey" -- click for full premiere.



    • 11.07.18 - NeuFutur - review of the 2nd single Wheels: "The breathy, intense vocals that play at the top of Wheels interact nicely with the instrumentation" -- click for full review.

    • 11.03.18 - This Is Not The Radio - review of the debut single Vilma's Soundtrack: "There’s an essence of freedom, resilience, self reflection seeping through each note, lyric, and melody" -- click for full review.
    • 10.31.18 - Impose Magazine - premiere of the 2nd single Wheels: "The moody, darkly atmospheric track transports you to that feeling on a trail where you truly start to lose yourself to the moment" -- click for full premiere.
    • 10.29.18 - Essentially Pop - review of the debut single Vilma's Soundtrack: "Fusing a wide variety of sounds, the one uniting factor is Paul’s baritone vocals, which come somewhere between Nick Cave, and Montreal’s other favourite son, Leonard Cohen" -- click for full review.
    • 10.29.18 - Beehive Candy - review of the debut single Vilma's Soundtrack: "Acoustic lead excursions into alt or indie rock and Paul Farran's highly engaging vocals" -- click here for full review.
    • 10.23.18 - The Big Takeover Magazine - premiere of the debut single Vilma's Soundtrack: "It’s a warm, slow-burning ballad, imbued with a layered array of chiming acoustics" -- click for the full premiere

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    on the streets of Kyoto - Japan

    on the streets of Kyoto - Japan