From Montreal - Canada, Paul Farran is an alternative singer-songwriter and the artist behind The Camino Side Project. On a continuing journey which started in the 90’s, Paul Farran is inspired by those enduring impressions, capturing life experiences in songs about places and people. 

He is currently working on his first book, Stems from Darkness (2024), where he explores his experience of the Taliban attack on the Kabul Serena Hotel in 2008, and its lingering impact on himself and the recent history of Afghanistan. Paul delves into the background of Ramazan, the failed suicide bomber, and reconnects with other victims of the attack. Building on his experiences working for the United Nations, and with his own background rooted in the Middle East, he explores the significance and complexities of war and violence. The book will be accompanied by a soundtrack bearing the same title, produced through The Camino Side Project (currently in pre-production).

His 2nd release, as a solo artist, is in the form of an EP titled North America (2019). The 6 tracks focus his musical inspirations into calls for and feelings of home. North America follows his 1st release as a solo artist, of movement & music (LP 2018), which was inspired by journeys and travels through Africa and Asia. It was recorded on 4 continents and 11 countries, in 14 studios, over 18 months, and with the collaboration of 25 fellow musicians.

Between 1996 and 2004, Paul was guitarist, songwriter and co-founder of Montreal-based alt-rock band, Pacer, influenced by 90’s alt rock, grunge, post hardcore and 70’s rock. Since 2005, Paul has been travelling, working and living in different regions of the world, taking him from the USA, to Africa, Asia and Europe…and giving him the honour of meeting and collaborating with a number of musicians along the way. 

Paul’s current musical influences are diverse and range from indie-folk to alternative and hard rock, to Americana, blues and world beat, resonating warmly in The Camino Side Project’s music.


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