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Something About Home

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Track 4 off the North America EP and the 1st single (released 26 July 2019)


Drove down on the open road, The Tragically Hip filling up our souls; was together that we paced to compose ourselves, apart we posed. A ghost in the corridor, absorbing and rejecting what we’re told is known; not believing, believing in myself, and becoming whole.

Every time the Canadiens scored, it was a story of hope and a bigger goal; that Thing of the Past is a thing of the present, no longer unexplored. There was a time for graduating, not from what but with who and what we’re all giving; something about that feeling of becoming, somewhere to be heading.

Those grungy days of being, not focused on the means giving us some meaning; the pride, the modesty, the repeating and the dreaming. It is a story of bigger lessons, of sun and storms and winter’s presence; my country of being me and you, rebelling in acceptance.

Outside orange, bright and yellow…yet inside its so grey…the shadows we follow…unblamed