1. Absoluted

From the recording North America

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Track 5 off the North America EP


in times of light with darkness
in times of love and shame
my heart it beats with anger
your heart is not to blame

unsuspiciously suspicious
and carrying out my duty
while armoured and unshielded
it’s you i think about, absolutely

detonating in the distance
and battle for control
"White City" and no movement
Boulevards with no patrol

tears at superficial beauty
your sanctity all the same
life denied by the martyr
one's flesh, to feed the war game

in hiding for resistance
and caring for the wounded
the cold is met with fire
the fear is "absoluted"

the mind's adrift with frailty
hollow voice just can't exclaim
the heart its beat is careless
the shock is sharp, it numbs… it’s insane

escorted through the wreckage
and moving without steps
hovering over souls
following her footsteps

she glided I was shielded
I now realize it was her
an angel in jeopardy
to save one from the blur